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President Trump
18077977 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America. Tweets archived:
Donald J. Trump
30781327 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America
The New York Times
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Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from
1899407 followers   Langley, VA
We are the Nation's first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.
Fox News
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America’s Strongest Primetime Lineup Anywhere! Follow America's #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.
Charles Gasparino
Charles Gasparino joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in February 2010 as Senior Correspondent. God, Country, Pullups and Vodka in that order
Theresa May
Prime Minister and @Conservatives Leader. Tweets by Theresa signed TM
Shepard Smith
Shep's twitter feed, maintained by his producing staff
Mark Warner
128680 followers   Virginia
Senior U.S. Senator, Va. Vice Chairman, Intel Committee. Previous: Serial entrepreneur, business guy, His Excellency the 69th Governor of the Commonwealth of Va
CBS News
5825072 followers   New York, NY
Your source for original reporting and trusted news.
Jason Chaffetz
267444 followers   Utah/Washington D.C.
United States Congressman (UT-3). Chairman, Oversight & Government Reform. Tweets come from me, not my staff.
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Nobody knows politics like POLITICO. Sign up for the only politics newsletter you need in the link below.
Neil Cavuto
518542 followers   New York, NY
The Official Twitter Account for all things Neil Cavuto, handled by his staff. Catch Neil at 12PM - 2 PM ET on @FoxBusiness and 4PM ET on @FoxNews.
Gov. Mike Huckabee
620557 followers   United States
Former AR Gov, Bass Guitarist
2006 Time Magazine Person of The Year; 2017 Enemy of The American People.
John Bolton
233360 followers   Washington, DC
Diplomat and lawyer, served as the US Permanent Representative to the UN and as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.
1385960 followers   Washington, DC
Updates from the Republican National Committee
Lou Dobbs
1335060 followers   New York, NY
Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business Network, 7 & 11 pm IG:
34027 followers   Phoenix, AZ, USA
#Christian #MAGA 🇺🇸🕎✡🇮🇱❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺 Software Engineer/Data Scientist/Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning enthusiast. Loves GOD & People 🦅#OneNationUnderGOD❣
((Molly Jong-Fast))
8124 followers   United States
is a novelist slash radicalized housewife of the feminist persuasion. She is married to @mattgreenfield. #theresistance #resisttrump #impeach45
Jeff Sessions
25032 followers   Montgomery, AL
Official campaign account for Friends of Sessions Senate Committee
The White House
14457849 followers   Washington, D.C.
Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from @POTUS Trump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:
Maxine Waters
365239 followers   Los Angeles/Washington, D.C.
Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee (@FSCDems).
Trey Gowdy
545892 followers   Spartanburg, SC
Official account of U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy. Representing the Fourth District of South Carolina.
Senate Republicans
478953 followers   Washington, D.C.
News and updates from Republican senators and their staff.
Bobby Bray
594 followers   Morristown, TN
Lifetime PGA member Certified Hydration Specialist
Unofficial Twitter of Tennessee Republicans. Covering breaking news, national politics, foreign policy and more. #MAGA #2A
Dylan Hughes
187 followers   they/them
Washington, D.C. | Tucson, AZ. Student @Georgetown
Chris Welch
6406 followers   Crown Heights, Brooklyn
News editor @Verge.
Vice President Pence
3552625 followers   Washington, D.C.
Husband, father, and honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. Tweets may be archived:
Dan O'Connell
142 followers   Fort Worth, TX
#scientist #cynic #sceptic #15thLevelWizzard #rugbyplayer Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair. Also, I don't reply to eggs, eagles, or frogs.
Frank Luntz
228666 followers   All over
I'm Frank! Follow me to learn how you can be part of my next focus group. I'll help you find out what Americans really want.
House Republicans
433998 followers   Washington, DC
The United States House of Representatives Republican Conference. @housegop on Instagram & Snapchat.
Morena Cazedessus
78 followers   Baton Rouge, LA
keeping busy and optimistic! love my family, friends and country.
Infantry Snowflake
2756 followers   New England & Long Island
Liberal. PTSD. Veteran. Infantry. Foul-Mouthed. Hate Nazis. LMSW. Bad movies. It's our civic duty to resist Trump #resistance #TheResistance #veteransresist
Mike Cernovich
276051 followers   Orange County, California
National security reporter, documentary filmmaker, author. Over 100 million views per month.
衆議院議員安倍晋三(あべしんぞう)の公式twitterです。 Prime Minister of Japan. Leader of Liberal Democratic Party.
Justin Trudeau
3191875 followers   Papineau
Account run by the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and staff… Compte géré par le 23e premier ministre du Canada et personnel.
Andy McDonald
3095 followers   New York, NY
Comedy Writer / Editor at @HuffPost. I run @HuffPostComedy and I love you.
Jean-Claude Juncker
415922 followers   Europe
President of the @EU_Commission
Donald Tusk
808357 followers   Brussel, België
Oficjalny profil Donalda Tuska. The official profile of Donald Tusk.
Donald Trump Jr.
EVP of Development & Acquisitions @Trump Organization and Boardroom Advisor on the Apprentice.
Dan Scavino Jr.
78335 followers   Washington, DC
Director of Social Media ~ Assistant to the President. Tweets Archived:
Emmanuel Macron
1122526 followers   France
Président de la République française.
Not in a Blue Moon
Tweeting about what I couldn't dream of happening in a blue moon 20 years ago
410 followers   Winter Haven, FL
Let's line em up and race. Clemson Tigers fan since birth.
We are going to be tired of winning so much!
Based Leah 🌵🇺🇸🎸
146786 followers    AZ
Entrepreneur MS Psychology #Paranormal SciFi Horror #AnimalLOVER Metal/Goth #Constitution #2A #ProLife Catholic #TrumpArmy #MAGA #FreeJulian
John 15:18-21 #MAGA #SethRich #1A #2A #Constitution Same name at
Hillary Clinton
15615310 followers   New York, NY
Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
Wtf is happening!?!
Barack Obama
88939158 followers   Washington, DC
Dad, husband, President, citizen.
Based Cop 🍦🍦
1160 followers   United States
American Police Officer of Kekistani heritage. To Make America Great Again, we must first Drain the Swamp. Comey was only the beginning. #SethRich
1219 followers   Pittsburgh, PA
WVU alum.Pitt Law Grad .Proud father of 3 incredible kids. Not politically correct... Retweets are retweets- that's about it..#MAGA

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