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President Trump
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45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Lady Svjetlana🌊🌞🌴
Here to support our President #MAGA. #2A. Jumped off the sinking Democratic ship. Luv God, my kids/my grands, the beach and my country. 🇺🇸
Ryan Fournier
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Political Commentator and Analyst - Chairman of @TrumpStudents & President of @UseOpenPoll - @FoxNews frequently - Dog Lover 🐶 -
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We have served for 5 Generations Military! 4 in LE, 2 in FD/FR 100%Volunteers EYES ON Gov Officials & Agencies Government & Politics News Technology & Science
Skiin 🐱 Glee
16413 followers   Right here. Meow to you too!
infidel pussy 😸 blog 👀 Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.😈 Poor folks pay lots of taxes, it just called lottery. 🌾anti ELITIST
lynda Joyce
15238 followers   Florida, USA
no PC bs if u don't like it don't follow me . proudly blocked by NAACP and Stephen Hayes . trump/ pence..all trolls will b blocked !
18620 followers   Wonderful World of #MAGA
Don't start with me numbnuts!👀 All Sunshine n Roses👊😉 Lover of all things 👉#MAGA😍🇺🇸
Trump supporter and supporter of US constitution and the rule of law.
Kevin W
113825 followers   North Carolina, USA
Husband, Father, and Grandfather. Blessed with amazing Spouse, Children and Grandchildren. All opinions are my own. Lets Hope for the Best! #MAGA #AmericaFirst
Wayde Delafield
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I'm a Christian man working on my blog and I also work selling stellar SEO services where my company guarantees first page status.
Old Soldier
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Politics News Government & Politics Technology Gov Officials & Agencies & military veterans any politics. Yes! I am 20 year Retired Army boots on the ground Vet
3578 followers   FERTILE GROUND ! NORTH EAST !
READING , ASKING ! AND A CORRECTIVE BOOT ! WATERING THE SOIL ! Republican , Democrat means nothing to me ! RIGHT IS RIGHT !
Shining light in dark places. Exposing vile corruption for all to see. Join the Meme Warfare with us! 🇺🇸 🚂🇺🇸🚂 #MAGA #TRUMPTRAIN
Linda for MAGA!
2571 followers   United States
Donald Trump's biggest fan! 2nd amendment supporter. Love God and our country! And the best husband ever! And two beautiful children..Rep. Will follow back!
John Keeler
318 followers   N.E. USA 🇺🇸
Former 82ABN◾Father◾BizOwner◾ Conservative◾Liberals👉Tiring◾DC👉Corrupt◾GOP/RINO's👉Useless◾Trump👉IS our POTUS◾MAGA◾
greta i will gut you like a fish garbo
1085 followers   Charlottesville, VA
I am not Michelle, I will go low. Trump voters are racist, uneducated, white trash skanks, who ruined this country. We don't want a fucking wall.
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God 1st. #Jesus #Christian. Believe helping the needy with a helping hand up NOT the lazy with a hand out. #2A, #Israel, #Military #MAGA.
freddy dato
2652 followers   New Jersey, USA
Making America great again !! taking back AMERICA one illegal at a time !!🚂 (Build the wall)
Dino Sores🕵️‍♂️🤖🐼🇺🇸
3949 followers   Occupied Territory, Earth
Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies. #MAGA #Trump FB: @GenFlynn @FreedomWatchUSA @McNaughtonArt @Thomas1774Paine @RealOmarNavarro @RealMikeLindell
Mom@Snowflake HQ
Mom, Nurse, Snowflake, Next March on Washington is March 24. Stand with the students.
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Political News Government & Politics News Science Space Technology & Science US & World News Opinion News
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Christine 🇺🇸
28777 followers   Clarksville Maryland, USA
Proud Conservative Woman 🇺🇸 I'm here to debate liberals because I'm the jackass whisperer. Obsessed w/ Civil War History / Proud Labrador Mommy ❤️ #NRA #2A
14299 followers   In this crazy world not of it
Born Again #Christian Pro #USA 🇺🇸 & #ISRAEL 🇮🇱 #Military & #Veterans REAL #LEOs #1A #2A NoSharia🚫DontTakeMyGunsOrHarley ~Only people matter #Trump #MAGA
Gerald Lavelle Sr BOT
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55 Dog lover Political junkie #MAGA 🇺🇸Debunking Libs daily . Husband, Father Pop to 2 Grandkids #CodeofVets #TheTruthWillPrevail #ObamaGate #SpyGate 🤯#Flynn
🐣🐥🐣Tina adams🐣🐥🐣
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#MAGA #TrumpIsMyPresident #CaliGirl #TrumpUSA2020MAGA #AmericaDreams2 #MuellerTime4Prison Followed By @GinaGentry @GeneralFlynn @AntonioSabátoJr, AngeloRayGomez
Kitty Cat Russian Bot 😻♥️🐺
7875 followers   Not of this world 🚂💨🇺🇸
I'd rather have a brutally honest #POTUS than a smooth talking snake from a sh*thole country! I love Jesus and I’m a sinner #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #DemonDems #Vets ♥️
_Wolfie_02 🐺❤️😻
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Conservative. Learning Daily with my Beautiful 😻Wifey😻 ✝️ The Lord Jesus #DeusVult ✝️ -Trump 2020- #Vets & #TheBlue #DemonDems #ProLife #MAGA #KAG Follow=FB

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