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McSally For Senate
16767 followers   Tucson AZ
Campaign of Martha McSally for #AZSEN — ret. Colonel & 1st @usairforce woman to fly in combat. Currently represents #AZ02 in Congress. Martha's tweets signed MM
🇺🇸🔥Lady De’Plorable🔥🇺🇸
71538 followers   USA
#Patriot #MAGA #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #KAG F By @GenFlynn @DineshDSouza @WayneDupreeShow @mitchellvii @charliekirk11 @PoliticalShort @ScottPresler #LadyD
Donald J. Trump
55671287 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
James Woods
1348 followers   United States
photo copyright: Ron Gaffe The Real James Woods' account has been restored. follow him here - @RealJamesWoods - this is a parody account.
49400 followers   Virginia, USA
Retired Navy Pilot & Proud Naval Academy graduate, Mom, Wife, Athlete, Conservative, Leadership Consultant and Diehard Red Sox Fan
34151 followers   🇺🇸🇺🇸America The Beautiful🇺🇸🇺🇸
🇺🇸#MAGA~FB @RealJamesWoods @w_terrence @DineshDSouza @DLoesch @therealroseanne @Scaramucci @KayaJones @JessieJaneDuff @GillianHTurner @GenFlynn @cvpayne
Adrian Fontes
4000 followers   Maricopa, AZ
Adrian P. Fontes is the Maricopa County Recorder. | | @maricopaelex
AZ Republican Party
20787 followers   Phoenix, AZ
The official Twitter account of the Arizona Republican Party.
100% FED UP!
19741 followers News w/out lib bias 1.7 MIL followers on FB: #JesusChrist #Trump #USA #AndrewBreitbart #War
Arizona-Im a Nationalist-kayte🌵
67475 followers   AZ PATRIOT #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ
The devil whispered, 'You are not strong enough for the storm'. I whispered back, 'I AM the storm'. #2A #MAGA FB: @SeanHannity @DineshDSouza @GenFlynn
tim kenner jr.
146 followers   Cedar
God loves you, I'm working on it.. I've been there, that's why I'm not all here
Jim Hoft
115946 followers   St. Louis, Missouri
Writer- Speaker- Where Hope Made a Comeback - Chelsea Clinton got me kicked out of CPAC
President Trump
24461228 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Jeff Flake
650034 followers   Mesa, AZ
Senator from Arizona
Martha McSally
45081 followers   Southern Arizona
Honored to represent the people of Arizona's Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
88170 followers   Trump twitter campaign Ohio
Hillary, Hillary E-Mail Cheater had a server kept in SECRET. She put it in a bathroom stall & ALL of our enemies knew it well 💁🏼 TheOriginal#TrumpArmy
John McCain
3189342 followers   Phoenix, AZ / Washington, DC
Memorial account for U.S. Senator John McCain, 1936-2018. To support the causes to which Senator McCain dedicated his life & service, follow @McCainInstitute.
Writer, Researcher. American Patriot. I Love God, the USA and people who do too. I will do all in my power to make sure we remain safe and free. I support Trump
7533 followers   BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA
❌ @realDonaldTrump IS THE GREATEST #POTUS EVER! ❌ #PurgeTheVoterRolls #BuildThatWall #StopTheSteal #StopVoterFraud #NoDACA #NoAmnesty #GTFO #DeportThemAll ❌
23833 followers   3rd Rock from the Sun
#Chris✝️ian #Married #Trump #Patriot #MAGA #KAG ⚓️#Vet #DrainTheSwamp #Prolife #1A #2A #NRA #Idaho NO Trains…
Doug Ducey
47812 followers   Arizona, USA
Governor of Arizona

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