Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
19857 followers   Sedgefield
MP for Sedgefield Constituency
Peter Kyle MP
20058 followers   Hove
Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade
Jeremy Corbyn
1931097 followers   UK
Leader of the Labour Party.
Keir Starmer
151490 followers   London
Labour MP for Holborn & St Pancras. Shadow Secretary of State for Brexit. Former Director of Public Prosecutions (2008-13).
27759 followers   United Kingdom and Ireland
Building a 21st century union ✊ Winning for members since 1889 🙌 620,000 of us - working every job imaginable 💪 Need us on your side?
The Independent
2686602 followers   London, England
News, comment and features from The Independent
Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧
214163 followers   London UK
DefenceHQ is the official corporate news channel of the UK Ministry of Defence.
HM Treasury
392421 followers   Westminster, London
We're the UK Government's economic and finance ministry. Our aim is to promote strong and sustainable economic growth.
Philip Hammond
98299 followers   London
Chancellor of the Exchequer. MP for Runnymede & Weybridge.
Gavin Williamson MP
37946 followers   South Staffordshire
Secretary of State for Defence and MP for South Staffordshire. I do not respond to casework issues on Twitter, please email
Mel Stride MP
MP for Central Devon, Financial Secretary to the Treasury and HM Paymaster General
Robert Jenrick MP
17071 followers   Nottinghamshire/Westminster
Exchequer Secretary to #HMTreasury. Minister for economic growth, infrastructure and tech. Member of Parliament for #Newark.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan
10941 followers    Northumberland
MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed. Believer in people power to effect positive change for our villages, county & country.
David Ellis
408 followers   Director Strategic Defence UK
No No No British Military Under or in EUMilitary Union. Own opinions.RT isn’t endorsement
Voices For Europe🇨🇰🇪🇺#FBPE #WATON #ABTV
5522 followers   England, United Kingdom
Europe means justice, freedom, peace and collaboration for all. We have to work together for prosperity. Isolation is not the way. We support EU citizens.
Sean Houlihane
1842 followers   Cambridge
Fundamentally a physicist. All opinions are my own. #FBPE
BBC Newsnight
581500 followers   London, UK
Welcome! We're on weekdays at 22:30 on BBC Two with @maitlis and @KirstyWark - and anytime at and
Chris Ballingall #FBPE🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈
4091 followers   United Kingdom
Proud to be blocked by Andrea Leadsom. A bloke with a voice ready to challenge bigotry, injustice and the patently idiotic.
The Labour Party
We are the UK Labour Party. Follow us for the latest news, speeches, policies and ways to get involved. #RebuildingBritain #ForTheMany
Fiona Blyth-Kubota Brexit&AusterityAreACon
1851 followers   Bel Lavaux, citizen of Europe
joined twitter following murder of Jo Cox. International European Scot. Many Rts4info #BrexitIsAMegaConstitutionalReform #RevokeA50 #Yes2FairVotesFundingWorkPV
Chris Bryant
57863 followers   Porth, Rhondda
Labour Member of Parliament for the Rhondda.
BBC News (UK)
9873937 followers   London
News, features and analysis. For world news, follow @BBCWorld. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. Latest sport news @BBCSport. Our Instagram: BBCNews

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