Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
254563 followers   Washington, DC
ICE is the largest investigative agency in DHS. Report suspicious criminal activity: View our privacy policies:
Stephanie Corsentino
2048 followers   Grapes of Wrath VA
Semi Homeless Person ~ invaluable journey from “privileged” to homeless ~ Oppressed AF ~ Fuck Capitalism ~ Equal Fuck to BOTH parties ~ #PTSD #ADHD
🇨🇺 Miami Red ☭
965 followers   Miami, FL
Trotskyist, mixed Cuban, Against Castro but also against US Imperialism & Colonialism #NoDAPL ✊
Clean #DREAMActNOW 🌹🔇
10532 followers   Russia Hacked My Vodka
WE are the leaders of the Progressive Movement. 🚫Resistance. Revolution. #DSA #AbolishICE #Antiwar #BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter
Trump Is A Racist 🇯🇲 🇺🇸
2563 followers   Mom. Wife. Sister. Adjunct.
BWD 🤢 You People Replaced Obama With This
Obama told you, you didn't listen, don't bother me.
☦zuzu's petals☦
8878 followers   Manhattan / City of Angels
“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.” ― Miyamoto Musashi
Outspoken Cat Lady
941 followers   San Diego
💕CATS 🔥Politics ️☇ Chargers SF Giants, Progressive, Independent, Democratic Socialist, WoC, 💘 MUSIC. #OurRevolution
Dr. Seuss
4736 followers   NYC
Love my country, Conservative, i dont belong to a political party. I like animals more than people. I stand for the National Anthem. #KatesLaw
3794 followers   Michigan, USA
Active-est attorney, healthcare strategist, musician, & humanist. No other labels allowed. #DSA #KeepItInTheGround #NativeLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
4758 followers   Miami,FL
We're a statewide coalition of organizations working for the fair treatment of all people, including immigrants. #WeAreFlorida #SomosFlorida #NouSeFlorida
Tomas Kennedy
3111 followers   Miami, FL
Deputy Political Director @FLIC_Votes || Civic Engagement Coordinator @FLimmigrant || Fellow @communitychange || @FIU alum
California Laura
1119 followers   Ppl's Republic of California
God/Family//Republican (old days)/Conservative/3GSD/ProMilitary&LawEnforcement/Israel/Zerotolerance for disrespect/love meeting ppl. NRA/JRC
152 followers   Hoboken, NJ
90% shitposting in the replies. 10% dad jokes, bad opinions, retweets, labor law, and lefty propaganda. 🌹
cookie monster
96 followers   Central California Valley
loves everything French: toast, fries, dip and kissing. Conservative trapped in a liberal State.
David Lann
7862 followers   KomiCalifornia
Interested in you, discussion mandatory. And you are?
The Amish Texter™
4750 followers   Huntley, IL
The Amish Texter hates technology and is acerbic, snarky and rather surly. Think Ted Kaczynski meets Rahm Emanuel.
Taco Bowl Carlos™
1146 followers   San Diego, Country of ValVerde
U. S. Constitution, Classic Liberalism, Hard Work, Education, THRASH, EPL LIGAMX MLB F1 PGA
💄💋🇺🇸fed up californian🇺🇸💫Terry 💫👠🍸🇺🇸
31325 followers   Northern California shithole
mom, wife, CPA, business and tax consultant, #economics ❤️ US Constitution, God, family, Country 🇺🇸 Bill Of Rights! ❤️ bacon 🥓 music 🎶 #BeHappy 🍸🇺🇸🌴🌲
🅰️ Ohmylantifa 🅰️
990 followers   Des Moines, IA
Kremlin Gremlin who hacked the election. Just here to crack off jokes on Liberalism #NukeKekistan #BernieMadeMeWhiteAgain #DeplatformHillary2018
2132 followers   #SanBernardinoStrong #SoCal
50/50 #WeWhoAreNotAsOthers #GangstaRapMadeMeDoIt I have friends in low places

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