Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Hillary Clinton
23578135 followers   New York, NY
2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x2, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.
Donald J. Trump
55190683 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Scott R. Wagner
5872 followers   Pennsylvania
As a Republican running for Pennsylvania governor, my goal is to change the culture of corruption and cronyism in Harrisburg. It's time to #FixPA.
3670471 followers   USA TODAY HQ, McLean, Va.
The latest news and most interesting stories from USA TODAY. News that's meant to be shared.
Rep. Mike Kelly
12808 followers   Washington, DC
U.S. Representative Mike Kelly proudly serves the people of Pennsylvania's Third District (#PA03) and currently sits on the House Ways & Means Committee.
U. S. Steel
4400 followers   Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Making steel since 1901.
Senator Pat Toomey
Official Twitter account for Pat Toomey. Husband. Father. U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania.
Nwaeze Uchenna
95 followers   Nigeria
Politically correct....😒😒
81 followers   California
World traveler. TV watcher. Concert goer. Book reader. Secret keeper. Tweeter. Aunt. Veteran. Has crab hat, will travel. Soon to be lotto winner🤞
Fox News
18179567 followers   U.S.A.
America’s Strongest Primetime Lineup Anywhere! Follow America's #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.
It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app 📲
Senate Republicans
696446 followers   Washington, D.C.
News and updates from Republican senators and their staff.
Three Year Letterman
45233 followers   Georgia
Youth Football Coaching Legend, Die-hard Georgia Fan, Three-Year High School Football Letterman, Showstopping Little League Umpire, Region Champion (3-way tie)
Elizabeth Warren
Official twitter account of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.
Maxine Waters
870742 followers   Los Angeles/Washington, D.C.
Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee (@FSCDems).
Eric Holder
AG 82
Sen. Cory Booker
123145 followers   New Jersey * Washington, DC
The U.S. Senate Office of Cory Booker, D-NJ. Tweets by staff.

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