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Mysteriously Unnamed
2040 followers   Earth
Fighting for truth, justice and the American way.
Katalin Pota ☮️
4752 followers   Manhattan
Actress, PhD, Art History Professor, activist for human and animal rights, peace and the environment. Bernie/Nina 2020. Trumpsters and Hillbots are blocked.
John Scott Gallivan
Purity is the enemy of the good. I research past my confirmation bias. Son of immigrant parents, lifetime ban from Facebook. #BlueWave
Elizabeth F
Political junkie, facts ONLY, wife, mother, grandmother & old enough to remember when tv was just black & white #oldiesbutgoodies
🇨🇦 Captain Snark 🌹
2009 followers   Toronto the Good
Like Popeye the Sailor, I yam what I yam!
Atheist who respects your religious freedom. Demanding that you also respect mine. Liberal snowflake. Stick to facts. Shit’s about to get real. #resist #FBR
Unqualified Comrade
752 followers   Ohio, USA
exhausted mother of two and wife of one. lover of college football and BtVS. loud mouth, unapologetic progressive, proud atheist, socially awkward
CeCe 🇺🇸 🕆 (K)
24084 followers   MBA Tulane U
FB @GenFlynn @kevincorke @therealroseanne @natpoliceassoc @TheMarkPantano @waynedupreeShow @realdrgina @MikeTokes BzOwnr DayTrdr #2A Spaniard/American 🚫DM
Educating Liberals
313620 followers   Minnesota, USA
Sore losers make winning more fun! My name is Dylan & you can find me on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.
John McCain
3371475 followers   Phoenix, AZ / Washington, DC
U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee
76041 followers   Quincy, MA
Born down on 8th street,brought up on L Street, Southie will always be my hometown! Cath,Pro Israel,Life,2A,USMCR,Love God,Family,Country, Humor always ! TRUMP

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