Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Black Aziz Ansari 👏
43476 followers   Tsar-A-Lago
I will be laughing all the way to Trump's secret prison. Creator of
Donald J. Trump
36457508 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Victoria Fierce
2020 followers   Easy to find, hard to predict.
Organizer for @eb4everyone. Property is theft but I still need to make rent. Support my work:
Anthony Schiavello
264 followers   Stamford Connecticut
Fulltime Papa for my lil fresh, and die hard Cowboys fan. Everything Trump! #MAGA
671 followers   NorCal
CogSci major; Semi-Pro geek; Was Dem, now Green, always #Progressive. #TheResistance #Peace #BlackLivesMatter
Marvie Votaw
Love my family, my country, my church. Keep your hands off children, our freedoms, and vulnerable people worldwide. Trolls will be immediately blocked. #resist
frugal fred
1750 followers   United States
no alcohol no tobacco no drugs no violence no lies no broken promises justice equally for all. sport fisherman catch and release keep fascists out no swampsters
Voted Republican until 2016. But will NEVER respect that lil man Trump with his big buildings & little 💚 #NeverTrump #NoBanNoWall #TheResistance #SVRAV
Anella Aker Harmeyer
303 followers   Indiana
Author of the forthcoming memoir, I Wish You Were Dead #Resist #Notmypotus #impeachtrump #imstillwithher
Richard ☝🏻Spencer
72582 followers   Alexandria, VA
Co-Editor of President of The National Policy Institute. Support:
988 followers   Kansas, USA
⭐️To the Stars with Difficulty ⭐️#DemsWork4USA #DoTheMostGood
Old Stoneface
1243 followers   where there's no mobile net
What fresh hell is this?
11418 followers   Here.Now
sylphlike globetrotter and high quality person
5474 followers   Dallas, TX
#theresistance donnie is the most treacherous, psychotic, hideous turd in the toilet bowl. #nevermypresident and I will fight this trash to the end!!!
Hend Amry
181980 followers   at the kitchen table
I am East and West, citizen and refugee. The melting pot is a failed paradigm-maybe more like a tossed salad. I am an international crouton.
4095 followers   Southeast USA
I'm an unabashed liberal living in AL. Love all critters, especially dogs. NO PORN! I block deplorables! #NotMyPresident #TheResistance
#TheResistance 🆘
4577 followers   Western Wonderland Wastelands
Stomp Out Stupid 🆘 #Resistance MPH, MS #Whistleblower #Veteran Exposes #Crime #Corruption in #HigherEd #Research #Labor #Disability. No one GAF 🤦‍♀️ #FBR
Holly O'Reilly
102351 followers   Washington, USA
#MarchForTruth organizer. Grammy-losing songwriter. Foul-mouthed moderate. Threats RT'd so we can laugh at you. I have 5 kids, so you can't scare me.
Cathy Reisenwitz
8542 followers   San Francisco, CA
Neoliberal trash. Bay City Beacon columnist. YIMBY. Subscribe to my newsletter.
Drama Hub
I do videos about Drama that everyone seems to love. Join the fun below
Kenneth Johnson
730 followers   California
Artist, musician, teacher. Working in studio most days, MA.Ed. /Art Education, BA Art
33 followers   People's Republic of China
A r!e̶lle̶
29ⓥⓐ♛ ι ∂σи'т ωαит ℓιfє тσ ιмιтαтє αят, ι ωαит ℓιfє тσ вє αят.✎ Make like a computer & get with the program. ❥ #Spoonie 🥄 IG: alovepwnsface ✘⚬ |-/

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