Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Justin Fairfax
7478 followers   Virginia
2017 Democratic Nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor | #Blessed Father, Husband, Son, Brother, & Public Servant #GameOnVA #FairfaxForLG #FutureIsNow
Ralph Northam
33218 followers   Virginia
Virginia's lieutenant governor. Husband, father, doctor, and veteran. Classic car enthusiast, defender of Virginia values, and candidate for governor.
Angela Lynn
587 followers   White Hall, Va ~ 25th HoD candidate ~ Albemarle County Agricultural & Forestal District Advisory Board ,PRFA, Air Force family Mother of five.
Mark Herring
24261 followers   Leesburg and Richmond, VA
Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia fighting for justice, equality and opportunity for all Virginians. Updates provided by my staff and me.

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