Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
The University of Edinburgh
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Influencing the world since 1583. Follow our other accounts:
Richard Garside
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Director @crimeandjustice | Crime, law, justice | Retweets & likes ≠ endorsement | Abu el Banat | Views mine, not my employer's
Kathleen Stock
22095 followers   Avec Claudine à Montigny
Philosopher. I talk about fiction & reality. Views all mine not employer's. Literary agent: @littlehardman
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We are a group of women from all over Scotland who have come together to fight for women and children's rights. Paypal donations:
714 followers   South of the Wall
Don't believe everything you hear about me. I really am not that interesting. I am just too ffking nice.
James Kirkup
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Director @SMFthinktank | Writer @Spectator and elsewhere
Lothians & Scottish Borders Police
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Not for reporting crime. Non-emergency calls dial 101 & 999 in an emergency. Not monitored 24/7. @MidLothPolice @EastLothPolice @WestLothPolice @BordersPolice
3799 followers   With the adult human females
She Who Must Not Be Named #DEBOOSTED. Pro LGB pronouns: Ro/Hyp/Nol
1204 followers   just in front of you
Associate prof; gender critical feminist; not cis. 🚴🏼‍♀️🍇☀️Not woke, awake. Gender ideology is a hell of a drug.

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