Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Dr. Mehmet Oz
4087764 followers   New York, NY
Cardiac Surgeon and Host of The Dr. Oz Show | 🥑 : @thedishonoz | 🏃‍♂️: @sharecareinc
Columbia Medicine
25687 followers   New York City
Research, education, & patient care news from Columbia University Irving Medical Center.
FOX & friends
1354480 followers   New York City
America's #1 cable morning news show
Jessica Goodman
6993 followers   New York
YA author of ✨THEY WISH THEY WERE US✨ (8/4), Op-Ed Editor @Cosmopolitan 🍒, she/ her,, pre-order #TWTWU 👇👇
Bobby Lewis
40719 followers   Washington, DC
The guy who live-tweets 'Fox & Friends' but is not the President of the United States. Rapid Response @mmfa; this is a personal account. He/him
Tom Cotton
U.S. Senator proudly serving the state of Arkansas.

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