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Chelsea Clinton
2027658 followers   New York, NY
Mom of Charlotte & Aidan, Married to Marc, Advocate, Author, Teacher, @ClintonFdn & @ClintonHealth & @HealthierGen, New Yorker
Donald J. Trump
40980965 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
President Trump
20757841 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Dana White💋💄💋
#hashtags & #politics #politicalhashtags Married, wifey, mommy, lover of 🐚⚓️✈️🍷💄💑#Esthetician #politicaljunkie #MAGA #TRUMP❤️🇺🇸💙
HATE Trump. Proud Democrat. Avid Kansas Jayhawk Basketball fan. Montana born and raised.
Bill Clinton
8872016 followers   New York, NY
Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @clintonfdn for more on my work around the world.
Paul Joseph Watson
731946 followers   London
Infowars editor-at-large. 'Nativist polemicist' - NY Times (actually a classical liberal/libertarian) 😎
Brian Hjelle
Virologist. STEM proponent. Physician-Scientist. #ProudSnowflake Well- read in history. Multilingual. #TrumpTreason #TheResistance #TrumpRussia
AnaClaudia Ventilari
2214 followers   -15.754625,-47.891955
Carioca, engenheira, morando em Brasilia. Quase candanga!
Hillary Clinton
19190428 followers   New York, NY
Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
11907 followers   America | Earth
Father | Brother | Author | USMC Veteran | Motorcycle Enthusiast | Original | Opinionated | Outspoken | RT Does Not Imply Endorsement
62025998 followers   San Francisco, CA
Your official source for what’s happening. Need a hand? Visit
🇺🇸 Johnny B 🇺🇸
#MAGA #AmericaFirst #BlueLivesMatter #Veterans #BuildTheWall #EndDACA #StandWithVenezuela
Matthew Chapman
50785 followers   San Marcos, TX
Game programmer, national political writer @Shareblue, boardmember @DemsWork4USA, devoted husband. Proudly on the spectrum. Trying to use my privilege for good.
J. Alexander
J. Alexander, at ya soyvice. Join #TheCulmination. Help us and Make America Great For Once. On my own side. #AntifaSucks
nik s. 🎃s
914 followers   Phoenix, AZ
stacked up like jets over o'hare
Melody Durst 🇺🇸
🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MAGA Liberals Are Exactly What They Hate! Bigoted racist sexist intolerant hate filled self-loathing violent unreasonable weak minded ppl.
Rod Johnson
145 followers   Chicago, IL
You cannot change the world by yelling at your television set
David A. Clarke, Jr.
871622 followers   Milwaukee, WI
Senior Advisor AmericaFirstAction PAC/Policy. Sheriff (ret). MA Security Studies NPS. NRA Benevolent Level Member. CPAC Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award
Rose 🌹Taylor
14057 followers   Valdosta, GA
I support @POTUS and fight for the truth. #AmericaFirst #2A #UnitedWeStand #StandForTheFlag #MAGA #TrumpTrain #SupportOurVets
Dana Loesch
648865 followers   God's country
Nationally syndicated talk radio host; TV commentator; author; #NRA Spokesperson. God, family, guns. Born for the storm. All opinions mine.
Clinton Foundation
787949 followers   New York
The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation transforms lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow.
WBZ Boston News
159642 followers   Boston
No RSS – just real updates from real people at WBZ and CBS Boston.
1085 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Born/Raised in Midwest (IA, IL, MN, WI) Mom⭐️Liberal⭐️SmartAss⭐️Love Cooking/Baking/Eating⭐️Politics ⭐️(Not Necessarily In That Order) Anti Trump & Klan #resist
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
215005 followers   Washington, DC
Political director of Rev18. Conservative Christian. Veteran Navy intel officer. Philly kid. Author of Citizens for Trump:
Christoph Rehage
45167 followers   Germany
Walking the Silk Roads: | Books out in German, Chinese, Russian | 中文账号:德国自干五 | RT means planning to get it tattooed
943 followers   Indiana, USA
Proud Trump supporter. Love Camping, Catfishing! #Ivanka2024
61 followers   Proud Canadian
critical thinker, loving Mom, #25for45
TRUMP GIRL- ADD ME Let's build huge community/spread truth‼️💞🇺🇸‼️💞🇺🇸‼️💞🇺🇸‼️💞🇺🇸‼️💞🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gina Capozzoli
3395 followers   Philadelphia, PA
Activist, Animal Lover, Book Enthusiast, Traveler and Atheist. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." #Resist
4703 followers   South East Asia
Libertarian leaning right #1A #2A Mom, wife, mixed race, anti PC anti feminist
If you're not outraged you're not paying attention. #ImWithHer #ShesWithMe @BarackObama @HillaryClinton
520 followers   USA🇺🇸
Married mom of two.LCSW substance abuse therapist. Had enough debates in Grad School.Having FUN on twitter. Bravo TV. YANKEE BASEBALL!! Music!!
Nick Short 🇺🇸
85226 followers   United States
Security Studies Group & Michelle Malkin Investigates #FreeDanielHoltzclaw
Mary King
John Cardillo
73499 followers   Florida, USA
Host of 'Off The Cuff' @TheRebelTV. Comms Director, #MAGA Coalition. Opinion is mine. RT ≠ endorsement.
John Peterson
2611 followers   USA
#LibsBeGone #NoIllegals #MAGA #RememberSeth Veteran and grandson of a WW1 vet.Blocked by Rosie, Lena Dunham and John Cusak.Followed by great Patriots.
Phill Lewis is my president
1440 followers   Shipwrecked
🚨#MAGA #Patriots #Gators #FLChick 🌴☀️ Tweets:✝️God 🕵🏼‍♀️Truth 🃏Laughter & ⚖️Justice

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