Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
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486 followers   Chicago, IL
John Scadova
11372 followers   Deplorable,Arizona, USA
God and Country.Patriot (conservative) & I supported Trump from day1.If this offends & melts snowflakes call 1-800-EAT-SH1T #MAGA #2A prior #LEO #codeofvets
Edward Hand
10 followers   Ohio, USA
Twitter is the worst technology that man invented. Give the right a way to spread their hate and vile.
3227 followers   #Murica
Barred from 0 malls. #FuckTrump #NoBanNoWall #TheResistance E Pluribus ORANGE. Rude - because evil thrives under etiquette. I got blocked by the Baios b4 u did.
Karl Xram
6 followers   United States
Amber leigh
3596 followers   Athens, GA, USA
army veteran! 2nd amendment❤️ #progun #tacticalshit #magababe fuckyourfeelings #feminismiscancer. Snapchat greene-leigh FOLLOW MY IG ambergreene1029

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