Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Brooke Baldwin
263636 followers   New York, NY
Host of ‘CNN Newsroom w/ Brooke Baldwin’ 2-4pmET & Creator of ‘American Woman’ / ATLien in NYC / 🐑💙 / Mt. Kilimanjaro climber / Instagram: @BrookeBCNN 📸
Brian Todd
18419 followers   Washington, DC
CNN correspondent. I report on top news events for @CNNSitroom.
Dianne Gallagher
21900 followers   Atlanta & Charlotte
Globe trotting, sport loving, news junkie• Polyglot• Army brat• Third Culture Kid •#VFL• @CNN Correspondent
John Berman
99279 followers   New York
great personality
Anderson Cooper 360°
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A behind the scenes look at Anderson Cooper 360°. Watch AC360° M-F at 8pm/ET on @CNN and follow Anderson on twitter: @AndersonCooper.

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