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John Bolton
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Former US Ambassador to the UN. @AEI Senior Fellow. @FoxNews Contributor. Chairman of John Bolton PAC, SuperPAC, and Foundation for American Security & Freedom.
Donald J. Trump
39166984 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
God bless America. My place 2 vent. Buy American. Cherokee Scottish German. crabbing, fishing, foul mouthed Christian. Harley Davidson. MAGA USMC
Jeff Poor
9236 followers   Tallahassee, FL
Married to @c_maydc. Editor of Breitbart TV. Columnist @LagniappeMobile. Auburn grad. @Braves, @Panthers & #WarEagle. Amateur Florida politics enthusiast
19991 followers   jamiusa - Instagram
Lover and student of life. Addicted to nature and the Internet. You're not the boss of me. #Conservatarian #WeAreOneHumanRace #Freedom #Misfit = same
Sebastian Gorka DrG
249452 followers   Washington, DC
🔴 Chief Strategist MAGA Coalition 🔴 Fmr Strategist to President Trump 🔴 Author NYT Bestseller DEFEATING JIHAD 🔴

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