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Ben Platt
250196 followers   NYC
Actor. Singer. Tony winner. Color War champion.
Hillary Clinton
19929937 followers   New York, NY
Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
Dear Evan Hansen
92097 followers   New York, NY
The Tony Award-winning musical about life & the way we live it. Now on Broadway.
Carly - 2 Evans 1 Couch
43 followers   New Jersey, USA
if Ben Platt jumped off a bridge I would too | stan not stab
Nana Gregg
3439 followers   Rowlett, Texas
Quirky Mom, @Salesforce MVP, Love karaoke, painting, audiobooks & vlookups. F4 Tornado Survivor 12/26/15! My thoughts only! :)
Gerald Kelley
Graphic Design Guru, IG@GKCR_8TIVES, UNC-Grad,Business minded,If you're a Reader of Novels Check out Simon&Schuster Author (my Mothers) Website below.
CeShell Covfefe 🐚😎
1891 followers   United States
In my family, we don't hide crazy. We put it on the porch and give it a cocktail! Patriot, Conservative, Constitutionalist and fervent Trump supporter! 🇺🇸
Charles Littles 🇺🇸
Based Appalachia 🌲 #Conspiracy👀 10th Generation American 🇺🇸 I follow back #MAGA👌#TrumpTrain 🚂 #FreeKekistan 🍀 3:33 🔆 #JesusIsLord🙏#Truther #2A 🔫 GEN❌
2954 followers   noneurbusiness
Elections are over. SHE lost like the world class loser tht SHE IS! Tweets = my opinion. RTs are not endorsements! I don't buy followers! #FeelTheBern
2534 followers   Arlington, VA
follower of Christ • Consultant • 💻 Engineer • brunch advocate • skeptic of inertia & the status quo • I run marathons (SF, DC, San Juan, NYC, Chicago)
Mandy C
Rachael Emerick
14 followers   Small Town, upstate, NY
Curtis E. Bear
2649 followers   London, England
The courtesy bear. Writer, Singer, Knitter, Feminist, Terrible Dancer. Badass-in-Chief @The_Nopebook Bipolar, Bisexual, Biawesome
Ben Schauerhamer
310 followers   Utah
Salesforce certified admin and developer | Utah County SFDC User Group Leader. My opinions are my own.
Chris (Rad) Finch 5
2986 followers   Wherever my Heart is.
Divide numbers, not People. Everyone matters. We must #Resist. ♦️♠️#VegasStrong♥️♣️
940 followers   WI
spouse, parent, BS Psych,, politics, #Resist, #Hillary2020, Pink Floyd, XFiles & animal lover block trolls, no alt R or L. extremesdon't work
deem ♡’s ella
2597 followers   mae ; leb ♡
+ let's save the pitiful children
bucketnomaly🇸🇾 #JWOKE
118 followers   NYC
Pro Assad
Critty Cat
34 followers   Kentucky, USA
Video game enthusiast, collector, aficionado, Intergalactic Figga #PPPZZZTTT #FWB
Sophia Smith
2 followers   Camp Half-Blood
'What doesn't kill you makes you want to die.' -Liam

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