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Chairman PPP. Chairman Human Rights committee parliament. Join us & build a peaceful, prosperous and progressive #Pakistan. media contact:
Mir Sohrab Khan Mari
40686 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Coordinator to Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari | Ex Coordinator PSF Pakistan | Ex-President PSF Sindh | Ex-Special Assistant To CM Sindh
Javed Nayab Laghari
85967 followers   Sinjhoro, Sanghar, Sindh
Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh |Provincial President at Peoples Youth Org Sindh | |Bhuttoist | Liberal | Democrat | Proud Bro of @HKLaghari
Nisar Ahmed Khuhro
President PPP Sindh- Senior Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Food and Ex-Speaker Sindh Assembly.
Abdul Qadir Patel
16876 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Ex-President #PPP #Karachi #Pakistan #MNA Ex-MPA and Jiyala by heart & soul continuing the legacy of #SMBB #SZAB #BBhuttoZardari #BakhtawarBZ #AseefaBZ
Junaid Saleem Jadi
7148 followers   Karachi
A people inspired by democracy, human rights and economic opportunity will turn their back decisively against extermism. SMBB
Roma Mushtaq Matto
22755 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Vice President at People's youth Org Sindh | Practising lawyer | liberal | PPP Empower Women | Daughter Of PPP Jiyala Mushtaq Matto | Voice of the Voiceless
Faryal Talpur
President PPP Women Wing - (MNA) Member National Assembly of Pakistan. PPP
Aseefa B Zardari
2536732 followers   Karachi
Proud daughter of SM Benazir Bhutto. Ambassador for #PolioFree🇵🇰. GlobalCitizen. Rights activist. TV addict. MSc @UCLGlobalHealth. PhD? Hogwarts
Senator Saeed Ghani
637390 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Bhuttoist, strong believer of Democracy. Worker of PPP, Trade Union/Human Rights Activist. President PPP Khi. Minister Education & Labour Sindh.
Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui
242954 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Law & Environment, Spokesman Sindh Government - Deputy Information Secretary, PPP Sindh - Proud Pakistani
Ali Haider Shah
1941 followers   Pakistan
[ President People's Youth Org Distt Hyderabad ] Bhuttoist | Liberal | Democrat | Sociologist
7748 followers   People's heart
I am Jiyala & my aim is to unite all Jiyala's in one platform

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