Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Amber Rudd MP
66939 followers   Hastings & Rye
MP for Hastings and Rye
Theresa May
Prime Minister and @Conservatives Leader.
We're building a Britain fit for the future. Join our team ⬇️
Sajid Javid
79041 followers   Bromsgrove
Member of Parliament for Bromsgrove & Home Secretary
David Hencke
9407 followers   Berkhamsted, England
Freelance lobby journalist, author, broadcaster. Writer for Tribune and Former Guardian Westminster Corr Political Journo of Year 2012
Clare Hepworth OBE
24357 followers   North East
Socialist Trade Unionist.Passionate about Hsg. Social Justice & progressive politics. All views my own. RTs not endorsement. *Cede Nullis
Steven Tuck
#BackTo60 #50sWomen #OneVoice #GreersLaw ⚖
3824 followers   Facebook/backto60group
#Be1inaMillion #PrayFor50sWomen 🙏🏻
Orgreave Justice
13056 followers   South Yorkshire
Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign : email: Website
The Refugee Tales
Walking and sharing tales until UK indefinite immigration detention ends #28for28
7724 followers   United Kingdom
Conservative grassroots campaign to ensure #Brexit as promised in the Conservative manifesto is delivered #StandUp4Brexit | Donate at:
UK Prime Minister
5382168 followers   10 Downing Street, London
Official channel for Prime Minister Theresa May's office, based at 10 Downing Street.
Esther McVey
Member of Parliament for Tatton. Problem solver, dog lover, glass always half full.
Mayor of London
3233590 followers   London
This is the official Twitter account for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Tweets before 9 May 2016 are from the previous Mayor
Philip Hammond
88849 followers   London
Chancellor of the Exchequer. MP for Runnymede & Weybridge.
Guy Opperman
11995 followers   Hexham | Westminster
#Hexham MP. Minister. Amateur #jockey 🏇Passionate about #Northumberland #Braintumour survivor / fundraiser
Max Penkethman
4728 followers   Earth.
Hates Bullies - Loves #Penkydog - Hates Cheese - #JFT96 #Strikingminersdaughter #LeftWing #JC4PM Mrs @OneTenTwelve #SunNotWelcomeHere #OrgreaveJustice
Sky News
4664909 followers   London, UK
Stories direct from the @SkyNews newsroom. Tweet us your queries and questions. For breaking news, follow @SkyNewsBreak.
Elaine #OneVoice #Greers Law ❤️
My tweets are my own opinion. Re-tweets not endorsements Rudeness blocked. #BackTo60
Nick Clegg
401467 followers   London, UK
Former MP for Sheffield Hallam 2005- 2017. Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats 2007-2015, Deputy Prime Minister during the 2010-2015 coalition government.
Kevin Duignan #GTTO
Dad of 2 lovely girls. Happy 😊 person. Chef. Never give in to hate. Love life. Read and learn. Dyslexia is a pain on twitter. #jc4pm #labour18 #inittowin
Bob For Full Brexit
13940 followers   South West, England
Published & promoted by me, views are mine. With £79Bn Trade Deficit, EU will be the Loser in a No Deal! #ChuckChequers
Sarah Baxter
The Sunday Times Deputy Editor and columnist

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